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NBC Anchor Savannah Guthrie Shares Personal Faith Journey in New Book: ‘Mostly What God Does

In her newly released book, “Mostly What God Does: Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere,” NBC’s Today show co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, opens up about her personal faith journey and the role of Christianity in grounding her life.

Guthrie, known for her role as a prominent news anchor on NBC, delves into her Christian faith, emphasizing that it’s not about perfection but rather a real-life relationship with God. The book, which covers various aspects of faith, reflects Guthrie’s conviction that her strength and courage come from her Christian foundation.

At a sold-out book signing event at Belmont University, Guthrie expressed her gratitude for the positive response the book has received, particularly from colleagues and readers who appreciate the authenticity and relatability of her faith journey. She highlights the importance of connecting on a deeper level and engaging in conversations about faith, regardless of one’s background or beliefs.

Guthrie’s decision to write a faith-based book was driven by her own need for spiritual guidance. In an interview, she shares, “I’m still down here, struggling. Still down here, disappointing myself. I’m still down here, needing faith, needing grace, needing mercy, needing love. That’s why I wrote the book — because I’m the person that needs to read it.”

The book covers various aspects of Guthrie’s life, from her childhood growing up in a Baptist family to her experiences with faith, doubt, joy, disappointment, and sorrow. It is not a tell-all memoir, but rather a collection of essays and reflections that invite readers to explore their own faith journeys.

The title of the book, inspired by a Bible verse from Ephesians 5:1-2, encapsulates Guthrie’s message: “Mostly what God does is love you.” She emphasizes the simplicity and depth of this message, noting that God’s love is not contingent on human perfection or religious practices.

In the book, Guthrie also addresses tough questions about suffering and the uncertainties of life. She acknowledges the presence of doubt in faith and encourages readers to embrace hope even in challenging times. Reflecting on her own struggles, Guthrie shares how her faith provided comfort and strength during difficult moments, including the loss of her father and facing professional challenges.

While the book explores Guthrie’s Christian faith, she emphasizes that it is inclusive and welcomes readers from different faith backgrounds or those questioning their beliefs. The book is a gentle call to be loved, and Guthrie hopes that its message resonates with a diverse audience.

As for Guthrie’s denomination, the information provided does not explicitly mention a specific denomination. However, it is evident that her Christian faith plays a central role in her life, and her upbringing in a Baptist family has influenced her spiritual journey.

In sharing her faith journey, Guthrie hopes to inspire others to find strength, hope, and love in their own lives. The book, which has already garnered attention and praise, reflects Guthrie’s genuine and heartfelt exploration of faith, making it a compelling read for those seeking inspiration and connection in their spiritual journeys.