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Juventus Star Paul Pogba Faces Four-Year Ban for Doping Offense, Net Worth Estimated at $125 Million

In a shocking turn of events, Juventus midfielder and 2018 World Cup winner Paul Pogba has been handed a four-year ban after failing an anti-doping test. The National Anti-Doping Tribunal (TNA) approved the suspension on February 29, citing increased testosterone levels detected after a game against Udinese on Aug. 20 of the previous year. Despite not participating in the match, Pogba was tested afterward, revealing a positive result.

The French star, currently 30 years old, signed a four-year deal with Juventus in the summer of 2022, valuing around €10 million net per season. Pogba, who had previously held the record for the world’s most expensive transfer when he left Juventus for Manchester United in 2016, rejoined the Italian giants in 2022. However, his return has been marred by injuries, limiting him to just 11 appearances.

The Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal temporarily suspended Pogba last year, and a retest on Oct. 6 confirmed the positive result. The player plans to appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which will determine the fate of his suspension.

If the appeal fails, Juventus may terminate Pogba’s contract, with reports suggesting the club had contemplated such action during the summer of 2023. The ban would mean Pogba, once the world’s most expensive player, will not be able to play again until the 2027/28 season, making him 34 years old at his potential return.

Pogba, expressing shock and sadness, released an official statement on social media, stating his belief in the incorrectness of the verdict. He asserted his innocence, claiming he had never knowingly or deliberately taken any prohibited substances.

The ban adds another layer of complexity to Pogba’s already tumultuous career. His return to Juventus after a successful stint at Manchester United has been marred by fitness issues and a limited number of appearances. The positive doping test further compounds the challenges he faces.

As the football world processes this shocking news, it’s worth reflecting on Paul Pogba’s legacy. Once considered one of the world’s top midfielders, he had a stellar first spell at Juventus, winning four consecutive Serie A titles and reaching the 2015 Champions League final. His subsequent move to Manchester United in 2016 set a world record transfer fee.

However, his time at Manchester United was marked by inconsistency and a strained relationship with former manager Jose Mourinho. Pogba’s return to Juventus in 2022 was expected to be a fresh start, but injuries and now the doping scandal have overshadowed his comeback.

Adding to the complexity of Pogba’s current situation is his estimated net worth of $125 million. The French footballer, known for his swashbuckling style on the field, has built a substantial fortune through his career, commercial deals, and endorsements. In 2021 alone, he earned $7 million from endorsements, according to Forbes.

The ban raises questions about the future of Pogba’s career, with potential retirement looming if the appeal proves unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Juventus, the club he recently committed to until 2026, faces uncertainties regarding the termination of his contract.

As the football community awaits the outcome of Pogba’s appeal, the once-prominent midfielder’s legacy is now in jeopardy, leaving fans and pundits to reflect on what might have been, considering his immense talent and the peaks and valleys of his career.