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Marquette Savings Bank Expands Community Impact Through Strategic Property Sale to Country Fair

In a move designed to fortify its commitment to the Meadville community, Marquette Savings Bank of Erie has recently announced the sale of its North Street property to Country Fair Inc., the well-established convenience store chain with a presence across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. The decision, geared towards community enhancement, carries the promise of zero job losses and further economic growth for Meadville.

The North Street property, which currently houses Marquette’s drive-thru-only branch, will undergo a strategic transition as it becomes part of Country Fair’s expansion plan. The convenience store chain, boasting 72 locations, has long been a staple in the region, with two existing Meadville-area establishments at 18163 Conneaut Lake Road in Vernon Township and 333 North St., at the intersection of North and North Main streets.

Steve Danch, Chairman of Marquette’s board of trustees, expressed the bank’s dedication to supporting the local community, stating, “With a full-service Marquette branch located nearby on Park Avenue, this sale offers Marquette an opportunity to support and benefit the Meadville community while maintaining a strong presence to serve our customers here.”

The sale aligns with Country Fair’s quest for additional parking and storage space at its North Street location, with the Meadville Zoning Hearing Board granting a special exception on January 18. This approval paved the way for the impending land sale, emphasizing the collaborative efforts between Marquette Savings Bank and Country Fair Inc.

Acknowledging the potential impact on employment, Danch reassured that no banking jobs would be lost in the process. Employees from the North Street location have been provided the option to transfer to other Marquette branches in the Meadville area, showcasing the bank’s commitment to its workforce.

This strategic partnership between Marquette Savings Bank and Country Fair Inc. is anticipated to usher in a new chapter for both entities, bringing mutual benefits to the Meadville community. The forward-thinking approach displayed by these organizations highlights their dedication to business innovation, community service, and employee welfare.

As the North Street property undergoes transformation under Country Fair’s ownership, Marquette Savings Bank continues its full-service operations at 1075 Park Ave. and 16272 Conneaut Lake Road in Vernon Township. The collaboration aims not only to preserve jobs but also to foster growth and development within Meadville, solidifying the economic and social fabric of the region.