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Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead Convicted of Wire Fraud, Attempted Extortion, and Lying to FBI

In a dramatic turn of events, the notorious Brooklyn preacher known as the “Bling Bishop,” Lamor Miller-Whitehead, has been found guilty on multiple charges, including wire fraud, attempted extortion, and lying to FBI agents. The conviction comes after a trial in federal court in Manhattan that began last month, revealing a tale of deceit, lavish spending, and attempts to exploit his ties to New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Lamor Miller-Whitehead, 47, who gained fame for his flashy lifestyle and ostentatious wardrobe, faced allegations of defrauding a parishioner and attempting to extort a businessman while boasting about his close relationship with Mayor Adams. The preacher, often seen in designer suits and dripping with expensive jewelry, was convicted on five counts, with each charge carrying a maximum sentence ranging from 5 to 20 years in prison.

The charges against Whitehead revolved around his purported efforts to secure funds for his extravagant lifestyle, including luxury cars, mansions, and a wardrobe filled with designer brands. Prosecutors accused him of convincing an elderly single mother to invest $90,000 of her retirement savings by promising to purchase a home for her. Instead, he diverted the funds for personal use, splurging on high-end items from Louis Vuitton, Foot Locker, and even making BMW car payments.

Not only did Whitehead allegedly exploit his parishioner, but he also faced charges related to attempting to extort $5,000 from a Bronx auto body shop owner, Brandon Belmonte. Moreover, he sought a $500,000 loan from Belmonte, promising favorable treatment through his connections with city officials, including Mayor Adams. Prosecutors argued that these promises were baseless, as Whitehead knew he couldn’t deliver on such commitments.

The extravagant preacher’s legal troubles also included submitting a fraudulent application for a $250,000 business loan, fabricating bank statements to bolster his financial standing. Furthermore, Whitehead was convicted of making false statements to FBI agents during a search of his New Jersey mansion, where he concealed the existence of a second cellphone.

Lamor Whitehead’s flashy lifestyle and close ties to Mayor Adams had once painted him as a trusted figure in the community. However, the trial revealed a pattern of deception, with Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Greenwood stating that Whitehead “lied about how much money he had, his business plans, and his influence with powerful people, all with the goal of funding his extravagant lifestyle.”

The “Bling Bishop” has not been a stranger to legal issues, having faced 17 counts of fraud back in 2008. The recent conviction marks another chapter in the controversial life of Lamor Miller-Whitehead, who now faces the prospect of imprisonment. Dawn Florio, an attorney for Whitehead, has expressed intentions to appeal the verdict, arguing that the evidence presented during the trial did not adequately support the charges.

As the legal saga unfolds, the once-trusted preacher’s fall from grace continues to capture public attention, shedding light on the darker side of a man who once commanded influence and admiration within his community.