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Texas A&M Baseball Faces Uncertainty as Scholarships Placed on Hold and Coach Jim Schlossnagle Departs for Texas

In a tumultuous period for Texas A&M University, the institution is facing significant challenges both off and on the field. Dozens of scholarships offered through Texas A&M University have been placed on hold due to Senate Bill 17 (SB 17), commonly referred to as the ‘DEI ban.’ Concurrently, Texas A&M baseball is reeling from the unexpected departure of head coach Jim Schlossnagle to rival Texas.

SB 17 mandates that public universities in Texas close their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) offices and prohibits training and policies aligned with DEI practices. These initiatives were originally created to support historically underrepresented or discriminated-against groups. As a result, 57 scholarships at Texas A&M have been placed on hold pending a review by the system audit office to ensure compliance with the new law.

Many of these scholarships previously listed preferences for female applicants, which is no longer permissible under SB 17. The law prohibits considering race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin as criteria for university-offered scholarships. Programs for veterans, first-generation students, or economically disadvantaged students remain unaffected.

Delisa Falks, Assistant Vice President of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, emphasized the university’s efforts to work with donors to remove language that violates SB 17 so that the scholarships can be awarded. “It’s about making scholarships inclusive to any Texas A&M student who wants to apply,” Falks explained.

Private organizations offering scholarships are not subject to SB 17’s rules, but some, like the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering, have felt the impact indirectly. The organization has reduced the number of scholarships it offers due to losing university partners following the law’s implementation.

Adding to the university’s challenges, Texas A&M baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle has announced his departure to become the new head coach at the University of Texas. Schlossnagle’s exit comes just after he led the Aggies to the College World Series championship series, where they narrowly lost to Tennessee.

Schlossnagle’s move to Texas was confirmed by multiple sources, despite his statements following the College World Series game indicating his commitment to Texas A&M. “I took the job at Texas A&M to never take another job again, and that hasn’t changed in my mind,” Schlossnagle had stated.

During his three seasons with Texas A&M, Schlossnagle achieved an impressive 135-62 record, including two visits to the Men’s College World Series. His departure to Texas, where he will reunite with athletic director Chris Del Conte, marks a significant shift in the college baseball landscape and leaves Texas A&M searching for a new head coach to continue building on Schlossnagle’s success.

The departure is particularly poignant given Schlossnagle’s impact and the timing, coming so soon after a highly successful season. “I’ve poured every ounce of my soul into this job,” Schlossnagle remarked, highlighting the personal and professional investment he made during his tenure at Texas A&M.

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