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Severe Thunderstorm Warning Issued for NY Counties as Tornado Risk Looms

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for parts of western New York, including the Rochester area, as the remnants of tropical cyclone Beryl sweep through the region. The National Weather Service (NWS) in Buffalo has released a bulletin covering Monroe County, northwestern Wayne County, northeastern Livingston County, east central Genesee County, and northwestern Ontario County.

At 1:26 p.m., a severe thunderstorm was located near Avon, about 10 miles south of Chili, moving northeast at 45 mph. The storm is capable of producing 60 mph wind gusts, which could result in damage to roofs, siding, and trees. Areas impacted include Rochester, Greece, Irondequoit, Chili, East Rochester, Webster, Fairport, Brighton, Gates-North Gates, and Ontario. The bulletin also affects Interstate 390 between exits 8 and 12, and Interstate 90 between exits 46 and 47.

A tornado watch has been issued for most upstate New York counties, including Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming, Livingston, Ontario, and Wayne counties, remaining in effect until 9 p.m. A tornado watch signifies that tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are possible due to current weather conditions. Residents should prepare to act quickly if a warning is issued or if a tornado is suspected to be approaching.

The moist air mass south of a warm front, combined with strong atmospheric winds from the Beryl remnants, creates conditions conducive to generating storms capable of tornadoes or significant wind damage this afternoon through early evening.

The NWS advises that if a tornado warning is issued, indicating imminent danger, residents should take immediate shelter in an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building, avoiding windows. If in a mobile home or vehicle, find substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris.

Severe weather is expected to remain widespread through the early evening in western and north-central New York. With Beryl’s remnants contributing to the weather pattern, the region could see rotating thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, increasing the risk of flash flooding. Scattered showers are anticipated to continue into the night as the tropical system exits the area.

Detailed Alerts and Preparations

Residents should stay alert to the following warnings and watches:

Severe Thunderstorm Warning: Indicates imminent danger from large hail, damaging winds, lightning, and torrential rain. Residents should seek shelter indoors, avoid using electrical appliances, and refrain from using the telephone unless in an emergency.

Tornado Warning: Issued when a tornado has been spotted or indicated on weather radar. This signifies an imminent threat to life and property. Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor and avoid windows.

Tornado Watch: Alerts to the possibility of thunderstorms with damaging winds, large hail, or tornadoes developing over the next several hours. While not indicating immediate severe weather, it suggests heightened awareness and preparedness.

Confirmed tornadoes have been reported in Alden near Darien Lakes State Park, the Hamburg/Boston area, East Aurora, and Dansville. The NWS confirmed these tornadoes and issued specific warnings for affected areas. Residents in these regions are advised to take immediate action to protect life and property.

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