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Dexter Scott King, Son of Martin Luther King Jr., Passes Away at 62

Dexter Scott King, the son of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., has passed away at the age of 62 after battling prostate cancer. The iconic figure, known for his striking resemblance to his father, died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Malibu, California.

Dexter King’s family confirmed his death, expressing the profound loss they are experiencing. His wife, Leah Weber King, shared that he faced the challenges of prostate cancer with bravery and determination until the end. The King family, including his sister Bernice King and brother Martin Luther King III, are devastated by the sudden loss and have requested prayers for strength during this difficult time.

Dexter King played a significant role in preserving and advancing his father’s legacy. A graduate of Morehouse College, he served as the chairman of the King Center and was actively involved in protecting the intellectual property associated with his family’s name. His commitment to continuing the precedent set by his father was evident throughout his life.

In his 2003 memoir, “Growing Up King,” Dexter addressed the impact of his father’s assassination when he was just seven years old. Despite the trauma, he turned his pain into activism and dedicated his life to advancing the dream Martin and Coretta Scott King had for their children.

Dexter King’s contributions extended beyond his work with the King Center. He met with James Earl Ray, the man imprisoned for shooting his father, and later expressed belief in Ray’s innocence. Dexter’s career intertwined with his father’s legacy, including co-writing a book and portraying Martin Luther King Jr. in a 2002 film, “The Rosa Parks Story.”

While his siblings, Martin and Bernice, were involved in civil rights leadership and activism, Dexter chose a different path, emphasizing that he did not see himself as a leader. Despite occasional conflicts within the King family over the control of their father’s legacy, Dexter remained devoted to his family and their collective mission.

The legacy of Dexter Scott King will endure, and his passing marks a significant loss for the civil rights community and those inspired by the King family’s contributions to social justice. As the family mourns the loss of another beloved member, Dexter King’s impact on the continued fight for equality and justice will be remembered.

May Dexter Scott King rest in peace, reunited with his parents and sister, as the world reflects on his enduring legacy.