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Oscar Nominations 2024 Snubs: Surprises, Shockers, and Controversies

The much-anticipated 2024 Oscar nominations were unveiled, setting the stage for a night of glitz, glamour, and, of course, a fair share of surprises and snubs. As the film industry gears up for the Academy Awards on March 10, let’s dissect some of the notable omissions and unexpected inclusions that have stirred conversations within the cinematic realm.

Greta Gerwig’s Directorial Oversight: Greta Gerwig, known for her directorial prowess, found herself on the receiving end of another surprising omission. Despite the success of “Barbie” – a cinematic venture that grossed over $1.4 billion and garnered widespread acclaim – Gerwig failed to secure a nomination in the Best Director category. This marks the second time the academy has bypassed Gerwig, leaving fans and critics questioning the criteria behind such decisions.

Margot Robbie’s Snub in the Lead Actress Category: Margot Robbie’s transformative performance as the iconic Barbie captivated audiences worldwide. However, the Academy overlooked her nuanced portrayal, leaving her out of the Best Actress category. Robbie’s ability to breathe life into the plastic doll, infusing humor and depth, seemed insufficient to secure a spot among the nominees.

Sterling K. Brown’s Unexpected Recognition: In a twist of fate, Sterling K. Brown emerged as a surprise nominee for Best Supporting Actor in “American Fiction.” Brown’s portrayal of a cosmetic surgeon navigating personal turmoil resonated with voters, earning him his first Oscar nod. The unexpected recognition adds a layer of diversity to the nominations, showcasing the film’s impact on the awards season.

May December’s Disappointing Snub: Despite critical acclaim and early awards season buzz, “May December” faced a notable snub in various categories. Charles Melton’s compelling performance and the overall recognition for the film were conspicuously absent from major acting and directorial nominations. The absence of Todd Haynes, Julianne Moore, and Natalie Portman left fans and critics puzzled about the oversight.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lead Actor Omission: A surprising omission came in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio, who failed to secure a Best Actor nomination for his role in “Killers of the Flower Moon.” The seasoned actor, known for his stellar performances, was expected to be a frontrunner. However, the complex narrative and character intricacies seemed to have hindered DiCaprio’s journey to the Oscar stage this year.

Diversity and Historic Moments: While some names faced disappointments, the nominations also brought historic moments and a celebration of diversity. Greta Lee’s remarkable performance in “Past Lives” may have been overlooked, but other milestones, such as Lily Gladstone becoming the first Native American nominated for Best Actress, added a positive note to the Oscar narrative.

As the industry and fans digest the snubs and surprises of the 2024 Oscar nominations, one thing remains certain – the Oscars are as unpredictable as the art they aim to honor. Come March 10, the world will be watching to see who takes home the coveted golden statuettes and which moments will define the 96th Academy Awards.