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Ryan Garcia’s Disturbing Social Media Outbursts Raise Concerns, Claims of Bohemian Grove Involvement Surface

In a shocking turn of events, professional boxer Ryan Garcia’s recent social media outbursts have left fans and the boxing community deeply concerned about his well-being. The 25-year-old athlete, known for his impressive boxing career, has taken a perplexing turn with a series of disturbing posts, including claims related to Bohemian Grove.

Garcia, who is scheduled to face WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney on April 20, has left the public perplexed with a stream of posts on various social media platforms, raising questions about his mental health and stability.

The saga began with a video posted on Garcia’s Instagram and X accounts, claiming his “throat had been slit” and containing several satanic references. This alarming content immediately sparked fears for his safety, leading to widespread speculation and concern from fans and fellow athletes alike.

In subsequent posts, Garcia made shocking allegations, including claiming he was raped by a family member at the age of two and witnessing human trafficking. The bizarre nature of these assertions has left the boxing community grappling with the unexpected turn in Garcia’s behavior.

The situation escalated when YouTube star Mike Majlak intervened during one of Garcia’s Twitter Spaces feeds, urging him to seek help for what appeared to be mental health issues. Majlak’s intervention was met with a heated response from Garcia, further intensifying the concerns surrounding the boxer’s mental state.

Adding a surreal dimension to the unfolding drama, Garcia’s claims also included references to Bohemian Grove, a secretive and exclusive campground in California known for its annual gathering of influential figures. These references have left fans puzzled and raised questions about Garcia’s state of mind.

As the controversy continues to unfold, calls for the cancellation of Garcia’s upcoming fight with Haney have surfaced. Some argue that the focus should be on addressing Garcia’s mental health rather than proceeding with the bout.

Despite the uncertainty and speculation surrounding Garcia’s current situation, it remains unclear whether his recent actions are genuine or part of a promotional strategy for his upcoming fight. The boxing world awaits official statements from Garcia’s camp and relevant authorities to shed light on this perplexing and concerning situation.

In the midst of this tumultuous period, the support for Ryan Garcia continues to pour in from fans, fellow athletes, and the broader community, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health challenges with empathy and understanding.