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Fort Bend County Primary Election Results Unveil Dominant Wins for Biden and Trump

In a decisive reflection of party preferences, Fort Bend County primary voters on Tuesday echoed the sentiments expressed across Texas and other states participating in Super Tuesday. Democrats overwhelmingly threw their support behind President Joe Biden, while Republicans resoundingly chose former President Donald Trump. The outcome, still unofficial, sets the stage for a potential rematch of the 2020 presidential race.

In the Democratic primary, Biden secured a commanding lead in Fort Bend County, garnering 79.82 percent of the 39,055 votes cast. His closest competitor, motivational author and speaker Marianne Williamson, trailed significantly with 6.87 percent of the vote. On the Republican side, Trump maintained a stronghold, clinching 75.37 percent of the 56,464 votes. Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, his primary opponent, lagged behind with 19.23 percent of the vote. While Haley had initially pledged to continue through Super Tuesday, reports suggest she may announce the suspension of her campaign on Wednesday.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas secured an easy victory in the Republican primary with an impressive 87.23 percent of the votes in Fort Bend. He is set to face Democratic primary winner Colin Alred in the November elections.

Meanwhile, U.S. Representatives Lizzie Fletcher (Democrat) and Troy Nehls (Republican) secured their respective victories in the primaries. Fletcher, representing the Houston-centered Texas 7th District, triumphed over Democratic challenger Pervez Agwan. Nehls, holding the 22nd District seat in Congress, ran unopposed in the Republican primary.

In a closely watched local race, longtime Fort Bend Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers emerged victorious over Republican challenger Mike Khan, claiming 62.52 percent of the vote. Meyers will face Taral Patel, the leading Democrat who secured 51 percent of the votes in a competitive five-person primary.

The Democratic primary for Precinct 3 Commissioner witnessed former Fort Bend Chief of Staff Taral Patel taking a solid lead over other candidates, avoiding a runoff by approximately 125 votes. Patel, endorsed by County Judge KP George and mayors of Missouri City and Stafford, will be a formidable opponent for Meyers in the November elections.

The election also featured Sheriff Ed Fagan’s triumph in the Democratic primary, securing 55.81 percent of the vote. Fagan is set to face former sheriff’s deputy Marshall Slot, who won 61.77 percent of the votes in the Republican primary.

However, in a surprising upset, Texas Rep. Jacey Jetton lost to challenger Matt Morgan in the Republican primary for District 26. Morgan, securing 53.81 percent of the vote, will go on to face Democrat Daniel Lee in the November elections.

As the dust settles on Fort Bend County’s primary elections, the results paint a vivid picture of the political landscape, shaping the trajectory of the county’s representation in the upcoming November races. Stay tuned for official updates and further analysis as the election season unfolds.