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Ricky Stanicky” Filming Locations Revealed: Amazon Prime’s Hilarious Comedy Takes Melbourne by Storm

In the uproarious world of “Ricky Stanicky,” the recently released adult buddy comedy on Amazon Prime, the film’s backdrop extends beyond the laughter-inducing narrative. Directed by Peter Farrelly, the movie follows the escapades of three lifelong friends who, for two decades, rely on an imaginary friend named Ricky Stanicky to get them out of various predicaments. The trio’s clever ruse takes them on a wild journey, and the film’s vibrant locales play a significant role in setting the stage for their misadventures.

Melbourne: A Stand-In for Providence, Rhode Island

While the movie is set in Providence, Rhode Island, the majority of “Ricky Stanicky” was actually filmed in the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Australia. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and diverse cityscape of Melbourne served as a convincing double for the American locale depicted in the film. The shooting locations spanned several neighborhoods, capturing the essence of Providence in Melbourne’s Southbank, Abbotsford, Surrey Hills, Bundoora, and Clayton.

Key Locations in Melbourne: From Casinos to Bowling Alleys

One notable location is the Crown Melbourne, situated on 8 Whiteman Street, which doubled as the casino visited by the friends in the movie. The luxurious Crown Melbourne, located on the southern bank of the Yarra River, provided both interiors and exteriors for pivotal scenes involving the trio and Rock Hard Rod.

The Oz Tenpin Bowling Greensborough Lanes in Bundoora, a suburb of Melbourne, lent its interior to the bowling sequence seen in the film. Meanwhile, RMIT University’s Bowen Street campus transformed into the Rhode Island hospital featured in the movie. The university setting not only added authenticity but also provided cinema-inclined students with a chance to interact with the cast and crew.

The Monash Children’s Hospital on 246 Clayton Road in Clayton became another prominent filming site, serving as the backdrop for interior hospital scenes. The film crew extended their reach to Abbotsford, capturing the inner-city charm of the suburb known for its hip cafes, chic eateries, and historical architecture.

Avalon Airport and Beyond: Crafting Hilarious Airport Sequences

To lens the hilarious airport sequences in the film, the crew ventured to the Avalon Airport at 80 Beach Road. This coastal airport, located in the South West region of Victoria, provided the perfect setting for the movie’s comedic airport escapades, adding a touch of realism to the laughter-inducing scenarios.

Tax Incentives and Supportive Film Industry in Melbourne

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Melbourne’s film industry proved crucial to the production of “Ricky Stanicky.” The film received attractive tax incentives and government support, making Melbourne an ideal location for the major filming site. Actor Zac Efron, while shooting in Surrey Hills, expressed his enthusiasm for Melbourne’s filmmaking environment, stating, “It’s a fantastic place to work, you guys have really great writers, directors, and crews. I would love to shoot stuff for the rest of my life here. I hope this is the beginning of that.”

As “Ricky Stanicky” continues to tickle the funny bones of audiences worldwide, the behind-the-scenes journey through Melbourne’s iconic locations adds an extra layer of appreciation for the hilarity that unfolded on screen.