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Former NHL Journeyman and Stanley Cup Champion, Chris Simon, Passes Away at 52

Chris Simon, a formidable presence on the ice known for his rugged style of play and unwavering dedication to his teammates, has sadly passed away at the age of 52. The news of Simon’s death was confirmed by the NHL Players’ Association, leaving the hockey world mourning the loss of a beloved figure.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning 15 seasons in the NHL, Simon left an indelible mark on the sport, showcasing both skill and toughness that earned him respect from teammates and opponents alike. Hailing from Wawa, Ontario, Simon was a towering force on the ice, standing at six-foot-three and weighing in at 232 pounds.

Drafted in the second round of the 1990 NHL Draft by the Philadelphia Flyers, Simon quickly made a name for himself as he embarked on a journey that saw him don the jerseys of seven different franchises. However, it was his tenure with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche that would etch his name in hockey history, culminating in a Stanley Cup victory in 1996.

Joe Sakic, president of the Colorado Avalanche and former teammate of Simon, fondly remembered him as a crucial part of their championship-winning season. “Chris was a really good hockey player who could score goals, was a big presence in the dressing room and was the first person to stand up and defend his teammates,” Sakic remarked. “Off the ice, he was an unbelievable guy and a caring father, son, brother, and friend. He will be sorely missed.”

Simon’s impact extended far beyond his time with the Avalanche. He reached the Stanley Cup Final with the Washington Capitals in 1998 and the Calgary Flames in 2004, showcasing his resilience and determination on the grandest stage of professional hockey.

Yet, Simon’s journey was not without its challenges. Throughout his career, he faced numerous suspensions for on-ice incidents, including a 25-game ban in 2007 for a cross-check to the face of an opponent and a subsequent 30-game suspension for stomping on an opponent’s leg later that year.

Despite the trials and tribulations, Simon’s legacy as a fierce competitor and devoted teammate remains unparalleled. His impact on the game will be remembered by fans and fellow players alike for generations to come.

Beyond his contributions on the ice, Simon was admired for his dedication to his Indigenous roots, proudly representing his Ojibwa heritage throughout his career.

As the hockey community comes together to mourn the loss of one of its own, tributes pour in from former teammates and colleagues, remembering Simon not only for his prowess on the ice but also for his kindness and generosity off it.

“An intimidating guy on the ice…hell of a player as well,” shared Mike Commodore, who played alongside Simon in Calgary. “He couldn’t have been nicer to me. RIP Chris. You will be missed.”

Chris Simon’s passing leaves a void in the hockey world, but his spirit and legacy will continue to inspire future generations of players, reminding us all of the enduring impact of a true hockey legend.

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