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“SNL Cold Open” Roasts Donald Trump’s Bible Venture Amid Easter Celebration

In a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), the comedy show took aim at former President Donald Trump’s latest venture – the promotion of the “God Bless the USA Bible.” The sketch, which aired on March 30, humorously mocked Trump’s attempt to sell Bibles during the Easter season, with actor James Austin Johnson reprising his role as the former president.

The cold open began with a spoof of the Resurrection story, where three women, portrayed by SNL actors, awaited at Jesus’s tomb. As the stone rolled away, instead of Jesus emerging, it was Trump himself, declaring, “Happy Easter, everybody!” in typical Trumpian fashion.

Johnson, as Trump, then launched into a comedic spiel, comparing himself to Jesus Christ and joking about his newfound Bible-selling endeavor. Holding up a copy of the “God Bless the USA Bible,” he touted its special features, including the inclusion of patriotic documents like the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Despite the humorous tone, the sketch didn’t shy away from poking fun at Trump’s lack of knowledge about Christianity. Trump’s character admitted, “Definitely read it. My favorite part is probably the ending, how it all wraps up.” He then humorously attempted to recite the Lord’s Prayer, adding his own Trump-esque flair to the sacred words.

Throughout the segment, SNL cleverly intertwined current events with comedic commentary, referencing Trump’s past comparisons of himself to Jesus and his controversial business ventures. The sketch effectively lampooned Trump’s efforts to capitalize on religious symbolism for personal gain, while also delivering laughs to its audience.

The “SNL Cold Open” garnered attention for its sharp satire and timely critique of Trump’s Bible promotion, providing viewers with a humorous take on a controversial topic during the Easter holiday. As always, “Saturday Night Live” proved adept at blending political commentary with comedic entertainment, leaving audiences both amused and enlightened.

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