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Kelsey Plum, 29, and Darren Waller File for Divorce After 13 Months of Marriage

Las Vegas Aces’ star point guard Kelsey Plum, at the age of 29, and New York Giants’ tight end Darren Waller have officially filed for divorce after just over a year of marriage, stunning fans and sports enthusiasts alike. The news comes as a shock to many, as the couple seemed to have a fairytale romance that transcended the boundaries of their respective sports.

The couple’s relationship had been under the spotlight since they tied the knot in March of 2023, with their union capturing the attention of fans across the country. Plum, a two-time WNBA champion with the Aces, and Waller, a standout player in the NFL, appeared to be the epitome of love and success. However, recent developments have revealed cracks in their seemingly perfect relationship.

Plum took to social media to share the heartbreaking news, stating, “I’m devastated. I walked through fire for that man, but now I see it’s time to go.” Her emotional statement hinted at underlying issues within their marriage, leaving many fans wondering what could have led to the sudden split.

Waller, who has yet to publicly address the divorce, has been facing speculation about his future in football. The 31-year-old tight end had previously hinted at the possibility of retirement, citing undisclosed off-the-field issues. Plum’s statement alluded to the challenges she faced while standing by Waller’s side, indicating a tumultuous period in their relationship.

The couple’s decision to part ways comes as a surprise to many, especially considering their shared success in their respective careers. Plum, known for her exceptional talent on the basketball court, has been a dominant force in the WNBA, winning back-to-back championships with the Aces. Meanwhile, Waller, regarded as one of the top tight ends in the NFL, has had a successful career, earning accolades such as a Pro Bowl selection in 2020.

Despite their individual achievements, it seems that the pressures of their demanding careers may have taken a toll on their marriage. Plum and Waller’s split serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges that come with balancing personal relationships and professional aspirations, even for high-profile athletes like themselves.

As fans and supporters express their shock and sympathy for the couple, many are left wondering about the details behind their decision to part ways. Plum’s statement hinted at a future revelation of her side of the story, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates on this unexpected turn of events.

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