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Ryan Garcia Faces Steroid Controversy After B-Sample Confirms Positive Test

Boxing sensation Ryan Garcia finds himself embroiled in a steroid controversy following the confirmation of a positive B-sample test for the banned substance ostarine. The results, mirroring those of the initial A-sample collected before and after his bout with Devin Haney, have cast a shadow over Garcia’s recent victory and ignited a firestorm of speculation and debate within the boxing community.

Garcia, whose upset win over Haney propelled him into the spotlight, now faces serious repercussions as the New York State Athletic Commission gears up for a formal hearing to address the matter. The commission’s mandate to uphold the integrity of the sport leaves Garcia potentially facing suspension and hefty fines if found guilty of doping violations.

The 25-year-old pugilist has vehemently denied any intentional use of performance-enhancing substances, instead attributing the positive test to potential contamination of his supplements. Garcia’s legal team has rallied behind him, citing a negative hair sample analysis conducted by renowned toxicologist Dr. Pascal Kintz as evidence supporting their contamination theory. They are currently conducting further tests on Garcia’s supplements in a bid to identify the source of the alleged contamination.

Despite his protestations of innocence, Garcia’s handling of the situation has come under intense scrutiny, particularly following a series of controversial social media posts that have since been deleted. In one such post, Garcia expressed defiance and frustration, even going as far as threatening to quit boxing altogether. Such remarks have drawn criticism from various quarters, with boxing figures such as Victor Conte, who serves as an adviser for Haney, questioning Garcia’s behavior in the face of the allegations.

The unfolding saga has drawn parallels to previous instances of ostarine use in boxing, notably involving fighters like Lucian Bute and Amir Khan, both of whom faced significant consequences for their doping violations. Garcia’s case, however, presents a unique set of circumstances that will undoubtedly prompt a thorough investigation and deliberation by the New York State Athletic Commission.

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